We conveyed the honesty and sincerity of the Korean people to the customer - Beauty Times / Sep. 2017

“We conveyed the honesty and sincerity of the Korean people to the customer”

More than 500 attended the Central Pennsylvania Beauty Supply Association’s Customer Appreciation Event




          There are no businesses without customers. Let us express our gratitude to the customers. Let’s bring Korean businesses and customers together.”

          The 2017 Central Pennsylvania Beauty Supply Association (CPBSA) customer appreciation event was held on August 6th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Harrisburg, PA, with over 500 attendees. The event was hosted by seven member companies of the CPBSA and sponsored by 10 companies.

          The Association actively invited people and promoted ticket sales to customers for $ 10 each. The mayor praised the Korean people for their diligence, integrity and honesty and expressed gratitude that “the community is growing brighter with Koreans.”

          The upgraded venue and the enthusiastic response of the attendees has been a great opportunity to deepen the relationship between customers and the retail industry. The highlight of the day was the hair show, which used a variety of materials and received great applause from attendees.

          Many of the attendees showed interest in natural hair styling and preferred easy styles with hair extensions or wigs, straightening with a flat iron, and other styles.



          President Nam Won Cho of the CPBSA, who hosted the event, styled the hot braiding hair to enthusiastic cheers from the customers. The members said, “We had a lot of difficulties covering everything from hotel reservations to the reception, but we wanted to express our gratitude to our customers, and it was a most grateful time.” 

          The association said, “Through this event, we have a chance to unite together in harmony by better understanding each other. We will help each other to create a win-win industry.” 


Beauty Times / Sep. 2017