• Remi & Human Hair

    It is virgin Remi and made of the best quality hair in the world.

    It lasts 3 times longer than any other products.

  • Lace Front Wig

    It gives more flexible movement and styling

    It gives natural look of forebead

    You can part any side you want

  • Pure Stretch Cap Wig

    It is fully adjustable

    It stretches throughout the entire perimeter of your scalp to breathe naturally and stay cool

Authorized Dealership System

Goals of ADS

  • To ensure optimum profit through lowest pricing system

  • To present new direction of sound sales and mutual cooperation

  • To develop trend setting, high quality products

  • To increase product awareness through customer-centered marketing

Benefits of ADS

  • Thorough protection from the turbulent market

  • Guaranteed best brand and best quality

  • Upgrade of retail locations through differentiated products and displays

  • Increase in revenue by acquiring loyal customers

  • Guaranteed higher mark-up as ADS retailers

  • Guaranteed higher revenue with competitive products

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