Jumbo Kanekalon Braid

Product Code: JKB-V

JKB-V is a 45 inch Kanekalon synthetic fiber braid, with a perm yaki texture. Add to your natural hair to create braids, twists, or dreadlocks. This is the finest 100% Kanekalon braid proven by its reputation of being the smoothest and softest braiding hair in the market. It leaves no damage on your finger or hair. Its natural perm yaki texture makes braiding very easy and quicker to do. JKB-V is Professionally Preferred by Salons.

  • 100% Kanekalon Tiara II Fiber
  • Synthetic Braid by Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection
  • Available Color: 1, 1B, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 22, 27, 30, 33, 34, 44, 51, 60, 99J, 130, 132, 144, 280, 350, 613, 39D, BLUE, FS1B/132, FS1B/27, FS1B/30, FS1B/33, FS1B/350, FS1B/99J, FS4/27, FS4/30, GREEND, GREENL, GREENM, M1B/130, M1B/132, M1B/27, M1B/30, M1B/33, M1B/350, M1B/39D, M1B/99J, M1B/PPL, M1B/RED, M2/144, M27/30, M27/4, M27/613, M30/144, M33/144, M4/30, P2216, P2217, PINK, PURPLE, RED, YELLOW

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