Latch Hook Loose Straw 18

Product Code: LHLS18-V

LHLS18-V is an 18 inch braid with a loose straw curl. It is a synthetic latch hook extension from the Vivica Fox Braid Collection. Synthetic hair is attached to your natural hair leaving no stress to your own which can lead to growth. It is a protective style that is an alternative to traditional sew-in, weaving techniques. It is a great choice for a natural, chic look. It is the smoothest and the softest braid in the market. During installation it leaves no damage to on your fingers or hair. Its long length allows you to be creative with this unique and trendy style.

  • Synthetic Fiber
  • Crochet Braid from Synthetic Hair Extension Collection
  • 18 Inch Braid with Loose Straw Curl
  • Available Color: 1, 1B, 2, 4, 27, 30, 33, FS1B/27, FS1B/30, FS1B/33, FS1B/350, FS4/27, FS4/30, P1B/132, P1B/30, P2216, P27/30/33, P4/27/30, P4/30/33, TP130/1B, TP132/1B, TP27/1B, TP27/4, TP30/1B, TP30/4, TP33/1B, TP613/27, TP99J/1B

Color Shown: TP132/1B

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